The Poppy Ride update: Day 3

The Poppy Ride update: Day 3


Day 3a
The Poppy Team

Another early start this morning in order to cover the 63 miles to Dover in time for the 16.40 ferry crossing to Calais.


What was not expected was the 3000 feet of climbing in the first 40 miles which also crowned a new “King of Punctures” after his third inner tube blow out ride virgin Adrian Barraclough finally spots the one centimetre slash in his tyre.


The final 20 miles of today’s route took us along the unavoidable main road into the ferry port at Dover.  Heads went down and the pace picked up, as nobody wanted this stage to last any longer than it had to.  It was here we bid farewell to two of the riders, two of the support team and one of the support vehicles, before heading across to France.







Day 3b
In Dover ready for the Ferry

After a quick wardrobe change in the car park, we embarked on the 90 minute ferry crossing, which gave the team the chance to talk over the events of the last few days.  Ever forefront in each of the riders mind is the reason we are doing this.  We each feel very appreciative of the opportunity to mark our respect in this way on such a special anniversary.

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