Punctures plague first day of the ride

Punctures plague first day of the ride

The Hope 66 bike ride got underway officially in damp fashion at the windy city. The weather was more like typical British conditions as heavy rain marked the start of the 2616 miles of Route 66.

The team began the ride in downtown Chicago at the sign for the official start of Route 66. After team photos they then made their way through the busy streets, including some of the more rundown areas of South Chicago. The roads were a test for the cyclists with one or two punctures and shredded tyres hampering progress. But the day was more about limbering up in Chicago before the more testing rides of the next 13 days.

The first DOD award was awarded to our leader, Mr Morton, for excessive punctures and general moaning. For those unaware of DOD awards, the cyclists and support crew every evening vote for two people who have made the most outstanding faux pas during the day, with the winner being the one with most votes. The rules of the tour mean that Gary will be exempt from votes from the other riders the next day.

Remember you can follow the Hope 66 riders live at https://www.gmfundraising.co.uk/tracking/




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