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Peak, Paddle, Pedal

Peak, Paddle, Pedal

On Saturday 26th August 2017, the first ‘girls only’ Paddle2Pedal team arrived at Hope House in Oswestry to complete their 7-day canoeing, cycling and abseiling challenge, which saw them cover 220 miles, climbing 7,200 uphill and 135ft Abseil straight down.

Paddle2Pedal was the first all-female challenge GM Fundraising has ever organised and due to the success of the 12-strong team, who raised £108,494, it’s back in 2020 – and promises to be even


Next August GM Fundraising embarks on its second all-women assignment-Peak, Paddle, Pedal. Climbing Snowdon, canoeing the length of the River Severn (150 miles), and cycling back 150 miles to Hope House in Oswestry, to meet the very people they will be raising money for.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the team? Call Sarah on 07814 791798 or email sarah@gmfundraising.co.uk