GMFP2P – Nikki Dunbar

GMFP2P – Nikki Dunbar

Name: Nikki Dunbar

Status: Single

Age: 26

Job: Design and Marketing Coordinator at Liniar

About me: I love spending time with my friends and family or being curled up on the sofa with a Disney film! When I’m not there I can usually be found running, walking, cycling or in the gym, or occasionally trying out a new sport! To balance out the amount of time I spending doing all of that, I also love baking (and eating my creations)! I enjoy travelling and having done my fair share of backpacking and seeing the world, I’m now happily settling on my dream of going to Disney World!

Cycling/Canoeing experience: I’ve got a fair bit of experience on 2 wheels, so I’m well prepared! I have plenty of miles in my legs mainly from road biking, but I do love finding muddy puddles on my mountain bike and recently, discovered a love for track cycling!

Canoeing however… I had a go when I was on a brownie camping trip, so maybe about an hour at the most!

Motivation:  I’ve seen friends go through tough times with poorly children and know how places like Hope Hospice provide amazing help and support in times of need – to take on a new challenge and raise money for such a great cause was something I couldn’t turn down.

Fears:  Water…

Expectations:  A fun and rewarding experience, but its going to be hard work and hurt, lots!

One critical item you’ll be taking with you:  My onesie!

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