GMFP2P- Katrina Earl

GMFP2P- Katrina Earl

Name:  Katrina Earl 

Status:  Married

Age:  40

Job:  Northern Regional Sales Manager

About me: I’m an extremely focused competitive individual, failure isn’t an option.  Been in the glazing industry for 20 years now, Epwin is my third systems house. I have represented my county and country at Crown Green Bowls and have played at the highest level winning some of the largest competitions numerous times.  I like to let my hair down and have fun in everything I do.

Cycling/Canoeing experience:  3 Triathlons, numerous marathons.  However, I have never done any canoeing.

Motivation:  My 2 children are my motivation at the moment, everything I do is for them.  I love being part of a successful company and even more a successful team.  I like to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve new goals.

Fears:  Failure…

Expectations:  Finish with a smile on my face..

One critical item you’ll be taking with you:  Chamois Cream

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