GMFP2P – Helen Noble

GMFP2P – Helen Noble

Name: Helen Noble 

Status: Married

Age: 34

Job: Graphic Design & Events Co-ordinator at Liniar

About me:  I am a mum to 3 year old Ruby, my husband works away all week so it’s just me and her most of the time, she is my best buddy. I like hiking, having done a bit in the Peak District and Lake District this year, I am doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in 2017 to raise money for Mcmillan after losing my mum to Cnacer in August this year.

Cycling/Canoeing experience:  I do weekly spin classes, does that count? I have a road bike set up on a turbo trainer in the garage as I can’t get out to the gym once my daughter is in bed. I also like to get out on the local trails at weekends when I can.

I did at least an hour in a canoe as a school residential trip to Ross-on Wye about 22 years ago…

Motivation:  I am a mum to a healthy 3 year old girl, but I’m well aware that things can change at anytime and to have the chance to try and raise some money for such a vital service and go some way to help the children and families that need Hope Hospice is one I couldn’t turn down.

Fears:  Failure

Expectations:  Pain, hard work and to not want to see a canoe again by the end of the week

 One critical item you’ll be taking with you:  Ice pack

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