GMFP2P – Deborah Hendry

GMFP2P – Deborah Hendry

Name: Deborah Hendry 

Status: Single with 3 wonderful Children​​​​

Age: 48

Job: Owner/MD Kolorseal 

About me: I am very passionate about my work and strive for Kolorseal to be the very best and offer the very best service.

Cycling/Canoeing experience: I have never Canoed and to be honest a little nervous about this. I did once spend a weekend cycleing around the cider farms of Hereford with my sister. The cider was great but I the cycling was quite painful even with padded shorts!!

Motivation: I suppose my motivation is that this is going to force me to get myself fit and healthy, and obviously it’s great being able to support GM Fundraising who do such a fabulous job raising so much money for such an incredibly worthy cause. The thought of how I will feel when we cycle into Hope House Children’s hospice is motivation in itself.

Fears: Heights, Water and getting a sore bum!

Expectations: I expect it to be really tough. Having met the others doing this challenge, everyone seems so nice I’m sure we will all be motivating one another.

One critical item you’ll be taking with you: My phone so that I can keep in touch with my kids.

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