GMFP2P – Charlotte Davies

GMFP2P – Charlotte Davies

Name: Charlotte Davies

Status: Married​​​​

Age: 28

Job: Head of Marketing, Edgetech UK

About me: I’ve worked in the glazing industry for almost 10 years now, since I joined Edgetech as a baby still at 18. I really enjoy my work in marketing and the people in our industry and it’s given me some great experiences. In my personal time I can usually be found either curled up with a book and a cat or playing the piano – definitely not the sportiest of girls. I’m best known, so I’m told, for always having a smile on my face, that and possibly how stubborn I can be too! I’m hoping both will be useful for this challenge!

Cycling/Canoeing experience: Do a couple of spin classes count?!

Motivation: For years Edgetech have been a big supporter of GM Fundraising and so it’s great to have the opportunity to take part on the front line this time. The guys from our industry who have given so much time and effort for GM Fundraising are a great inspiration, now it’s time for us WIGS to put our money where our mouth is and do the best we can for Hope House.

Fears: That I chicken out of the abseil!

Expectations: This is going to be hard work, as I said earlier I’m not the sportiest. But I love a challenge and a goal to aim for so while I’ve not done much training yet when I set my mind to it I expect preparing for this will take over my life! I also think we’re going to have a lot of fun, we’ve got a great group of people and I’m really looking forward to it.

One critical item you’ll be taking with you: Plenty of water!




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