GMFB2B – Richard Gyde

GMFB2B – Richard Gyde

  • Tour Name – “Tricky”
  • Age – 50 
  • Status – Married to Sarah, 2 sons
  • Job – MD at Mila
  • About me – I like to work hard and, when I commit to something, I give it my all
  • Cycling Experience – Veteran

Richard GydeI’m a great believer that you work best when you’re fit and healthy so my fitness regime consists of weight training with a personal trainer and some cardio work, as well as lots of time out on the road clocking up the miles on my bike. I enjoy taking part in sportives around the country too to improve my time and endurance and, of course, to sharpen my competitive edge!  At home we’re superfood fanatics and our recently discovered Nutribullet is proving a great way to pack in lots of valuable extra nutrients. I’m proud to be part of the GM Fundraising team and, having visited the Hope House Children’s Hospice in Oswestry in the past, I know just how important it is that we raise the funds they need to keep on doing their fantastic work.

I’ve taken part in four out of the five rides over the last 10 years so I think that makes me a veteran.  I try to keep training in between the big rides and I’m hoping that the sportives I’ve been doing will stand me in good stead for Border2Border.

Anyone who has visited Hope House doesn’t really need any further motivation.  It’s a really inspiring place and supporting the children there and their families, feels as important now as it did when I took part in my first Tower to Tower ride in 2006.  I’m also a passionate cyclist though and I can never resist a fresh challenge.

I have a fear of failure.  It’s in my nature to be competitive.  I won’t be giving up and I’ll certainly be aiming to put in some good times and speeds during the ride. I take the approach that, if I can conquer both Death Valley and Mount Ventoux, then I can hopefully do pretty much anything.  My only other fear is damaging my bike (BIANCA) of course!

I’m looking forward Seeing lots of my old friends again and hopefully making some new ones.   The comradery which comes both from the cycling together and from being cooped up in the back of an RV for several hundred miles is actually a big part of the fun!

Not dreading one single thing – I’m dreading the heat of the desert and the inevitable pain that comes with cycling these long distances and heights though.

I will be taking pain relief for my derriere – the magical ASOS cream was recommended to me 10 years ago and it really reaches the parts that no other creams can!

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