GMFB2B – Matthew Glover

GMFB2B – Matthew Glover

  • Tour Name – “V Man”facebook_dribbble_1x
  • Age – 43
  • Status – Married 
  • Cycling Experience – VIrgin
  • Job – Chairman of Fit Events Ltd
  • About me – I run the FIT Show – the industry’s leading trade show for fabricators and installers. Having literally been born into the window industry, I set up West Yorkshire Windows & Conservatory Outlet with my brother at 21.  Both are still going strong without me while I spend my time promoting the FIT Show and messing around with my vegan campaigns.

Matthew GloverCycling experience: Definitely a virgin, although being a member of the Hope 66 support team gave me some great insight, I definitely have no experience of this level of distance, miles uphill and heat.

Motivation: Hope House is a great cause and I have been a fan and supporter of GM fundraising for countless years. Having been in support last time the idea of being able to take part and do the cycling is the biggest motivation, and the fitness, challenge and scenery that comes with the ride.

Fears: None

Expectations: My expectations are that the ride will be tough. It’ll be extremely tiring and a real test of endurance for all the riders. But, I’m confident that we’ll all pull together and will each other on to the finishing line. And, it’s a real privilege to be able to take part and experience this – the comradery, the scenery, the highs and lows.

Single biggest thing you’re looking forward to: Scenery and Hills – 97,000ft of climbing gives you some great scenery.

Single biggest thing you’re dreading: Falling off a cliff.

One critical item you’ll be taking with you: Bandages & plasters, and some Nurofen for hangovers!




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