GMFB2B – Mark Bromley

GMFB2B – Mark Bromley

  • Tour Name – “Brom”
  • Age – 49
  • Status – Married to Julie – 25 years this year!  2 Children – Ryan & Lauren
  • Job – MD at Avantis
  • About me – Love sport, love business, love team sports
  • Cycling Experience – Veteran

Mark BromleyWhen I was first introduced to cycling I couldn’t accept it was a team sport, I thought you just got on a bike and rode.  Until Hope66.  Following Hope66 I full appreciate cycling is a team effort!  It was the most painful, emotional experience I have ever encountered.

My motivation most importantly is to raise money for the kids.  But also to make great new friends and experience true camaraderie, I know this is going to be a tough ride with the steep climbs and intense heat so I am fearful of dehydration but I know the team work these rides generate will pull us through.

I will of course by taking my passport – not for obvious reasons but because there is a picture of Julie clipped in the back and I take it everywhere I go


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