GMFB2B – Dave Broxton

GMFB2B – Dave Broxton

  • Tour Name – “Brokko”facebook_dribbble_1x
  • Age – 53
  • Status – Engaged
  • Job – MD at Bohle Ltd
  • About me – I’m a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’ and any shortfall in talent I might have is offset by hard graft and a tendency to control freakery. My encyclopaedic knowledge of useless trivia has seen me called ‘broogle’ by the other GMF committee members but I still knock out the odd great idea for the Ginger Prince to steal. I live my life by the credo ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’. Self-praise has no value but the nicest thing anyone ever said about me was ‘His heart is as big as a bucket’ so I guess I can’t be all bad.
  • Cycling Experience – I once had to put a dressing on Morty’s backside after he came off. That is a cycling experience I hope never to repeat on so many levels. I have supported all the GMF cycle rides; as a photographer on the first ride, therafter I have been a support team member on every ride.

Dave BroxtonI have been involved with GM Fundraising for 12 yrs and every ride I swear will be my last!  Iain McInnes was the ride meister and after he left GM Fundraising to focus on his young family I offered to help out with the route, logistics and planning. Eventually it was clear I had to do support one more time. My focus is clear – I do all this for the kids and their families at Hope House.  I have a family member with a child there, so this cause is deeply personal for me.

My only real worry is that someone may get hurt on the ride. I deal with it by redoubling my efforts to minimize the risks involved, by planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

It will be just like all the other rides – bloody hard work, long days and only when it is safely concluded will I realize what a great life experience it has been. Naturally I also expect lots of nominations for DotD.

I’m looking forward to a fun, safe ride but also I’m sure I’ll enjoy a few quiet RV moments amongst the amazing scenery.

After 18 months in the planning, with under a year to go, there is nothing I am dreading. We are better prepared than ever before for the toughest ride yet. Clearly, there are always the unforeseen factors but if they are unforeseen you can’t worry about them in advance can you?

I will be taking Earplugs. I’m sharing with Mark ‘Roaring Lion’ Bromley…

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