GMFB2B – Bob Plant

GMFB2B – Bob Plant

  • Tour Name – “The Cuts Man”
  • Age – 53
  • Status – Married
  • Job – Self Employed Builder
  • About me – I am a self-employed Builder by trade, and my main hobby is a Cuts Man for Cage Fighters and Boxers. During my time with the West Midlands Fire Service, I helped in Romania for 4 years building orphanages and a farm project to make them self-sufficient.

Bob Plant

I like a challenge that helps others but am aware that the support role is vital in helping the team achieve their goal for this ride and I am fully committed to deliver a safe trip all round.

I’m looking forward to the whole event and being part of a solid team, I don’t have any personal fears, only that I will not fulfil my task of supporting the team but I will be there 100% in whatever role I am required, the riders are the ones with the biggest challenge and I will be focusing on that.

As support I’ll be taking many critical items – my toolkit as a Cuts Man is quite varied!



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