GMFB2B – Andrew Glover

GMFB2B – Andrew Glover

  • Tour Name – “Kansas”
  • Age – 41
  • Status – Married 2 Daughters
  • Cycling Experience – Veteran
  • Job – MD at West Yorkshire Windows & Green Yorkshire Solar
  • About me – As most business men, I struggle to fit my life around work, family, training and drinking. Not sure if I do any of them well.

Andrew GloverThis is my 5th ride – completed Ride4Hope, Rome2Home, Hope66 & the Poppy Ride. It’s an opportunity to do something good for others, rather than just looking after myself. If I didn’t do the cycling training for these rides, I wouldn’t do any exercise!

 I expect it to be excellent – lots of laughs, tears and hills, lots of hills, I enjoy the camaraderie but fear climbing behind Morty, most important thing to take is Bum cream for those long days in the saddle.

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