GM Fundraising say ‘thank you’ to Graeme Bailey

GM Fundraising say ‘thank you’ to Graeme Bailey

IMG_0125GM Fundraising recently bid a fond farewell to Graeme Bailey who, after 7 years as part of the team, has decided to step down.  Graeme has played an integral part in the organising of numerous events over the years and his continued and unwavering support has proved invaluable.

“Graeme is one of only three people to have ridden all of our major rides – Top2Bottom, Tower2Tower, Ride 4 Hope, Rome 2 Home and Hope 66 – having joined the team just before we embarked on Ride 4 Hope” explains Gary Morton, Founder and Chairman of GM Fundraising.  “Prior to joining the team, Graeme had supported every dinner, every golf day and everything we have done over the years.  His company, Business Micros, was also the Headline Sponsor of the Rome2Home ride.  However, his finest moment has to be The Poppy Ride.  This was Graeme’s brainchild and an idea he saw through to completion – and what a truly special and moving event it was, of which we all had the pleasure to be a part.


“The team will be sad to lose his input and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for everything he has done over the years and wish him all the very best. We look forward to his continued support and presence at our future events”.

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