GM Fundraising confirms ongoing commitment with Hope House Hospices

GM Fundraising confirms ongoing commitment with Hope House Hospices

With 2014 marking a number of milestones for GM Fundraising – including funds raised breaking the £1m marker and the 15th anniversary of supporting Hope House Children’s Hospices – the team took time out recently to discuss what’s next for GM Fundraising.  As well as planning upcoming events, it was agreed that the longstanding commitment to Hope House should continue, which was fantastic news for all involved.

“As with everything,” explains Gary Morton, founder of GM Fundraising “it pays to take a step back once in a while and take stock of everything that’s going on.  GM Fundraising is no different and we wanted to ensure that what we are doing and who we do it for is still right for everyone involved – not just the team and the Hospice, but our loyal supporters too.

“Although Hope House has developed and improved over the years, at the heart of the organisation, the ethos remains the same – to provide support and specialist care for life-limited children, young people and to support their families.  It’s always been all about the kids for us, so GM Fundraising continuing to support what Hope House do is as important to us today as it was 15 years ago.  We hope our ever generous supporters and friends agree and will continue to help us achieve many more milestones in the years ahead.”


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